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M's HOPLITE 3/2mm Full Suit

M's HOPLITE 3/2mm Full Suit

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The Hoplite foot soldiers of ancient Greece had the most advanced armour of their era. They were fast, fierce and well protected. Modern day surfers can now own these same qualities by wearing a Matuse Hoplite wetsuit. No spear or shield necessary.

HIDDEN CHAMBER: Geoprene with built-in air chambers: stores radiant heat from body and improves the suits ability to slow down heat loss to the outside environment.

HYDRASILK: Silky smooth, hydrophobic ( i.e. rejects H2O ) material that's your windbreaker in the water. Makes you feel all buttery inside.

SATIN SEAL TAPE: A durable yet flexible SCS tape that provides extra seam durability that is soft and comfortable to your skin. Ichiban infused.
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