(Kailee Madden & Kaitlin) 

Matuse has revolutionised the world of women's wetsuits with their innovative designs, including the D’arc full suit, long arm spring, dive pant, Sophia top, Briza vest, Artemis full suit, Diana long arm short, and the Diana full suit. Whether it's geoflex or geoprene, Matuse wetsuits offer unparalleled performance, keeping you warm and comfortable while moulding seamlessly to your body as if tailored just for you. Since 2008, Matuse has been at the forefront of women's wetsuit technology, constantly improving and advancing their styles to meet the evolving needs of water athletes.

Our commitment to empowering women extends beyond surfing; our wetsuits are favoured by surfers, freedivers, spearfishers, open water swimmers, triathletes, wakeboarders, and more. Women of the Water, like big wave surfer Katie McConnell, local standout Sophie Alex, and New Zealand sensation Paige Hareb, have all reached new heights in their respective sports thanks to Matuse wetsuits. With our diverse range of options, we empower women to break through barriers and excel in whatever water sport they pursue.

(Paige Herab

In a Matuse wetsuit, women defy the limitations once imposed upon them. We celebrate the resilience and strength of women who refuse to be confined by outdated norms and expectations. With our wetsuits, women embrace their power, confidence, and capability, dominating the waves and leaving a mark on the water sports world.

(Sophie Alex

At Matuse, we recognize that every woman is unique, with her own preferences and needs. That's why we offer a variety of styles and technologies to cater to every athlete. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your journey in the water, our wetsuits are designed to support you every step of the way. Join the movement of women making waves and choose Matuse for your next aquatic adventure.

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