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Apollo 2mm Long Sleeve Spring Suit

Apollo 2mm Long Sleeve Spring Suit

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Apollo, the god of music, poetry, art, prophecy, archery and practically everything, was said to inspire Dr. Silverstein naming NASA's Apollo program after seeing an image of the deity riding his chariot across the sun. Much like the grand scale of the space missions and Apollo's many talents, our newest addition to the Matuse wetsuit fleet is also multi-talented and will inspire all surfers alike.

Apollo's mission is to make chest zip experiences great for everyone. Our goal was to design a chest zip that fits more body types and makes the routine of putting on your suit a pleasurable one aka a much easier entry than a moon landing.

The Apollo with Geoflex follows Matuse's mantra of making products Ichiban (the best) by looking forward, developing materials and construction in the most sustainable ways.

Matuse's Geoflex Limestone Rubber is made with Eco Carbon Black additive recycled from post-consumer scrap tires in combination with water-based adhesives for fabric lamination, instead of conventional solvent-based glues. This eliminates Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) and maintains bonding strength aka the durability you expect from Matuse.

We skip traditional dyeing processes, opting for dope-dyeing yarn to add color before yarn extrusion to save energy and water. To minimize waste, all of our trimmed edges from cutting wetsuit patterns are reused to produce more Geoflex sheets that make our Matuse products.

The Apollo with Geoflex is fair-trade certified and is the next generation of responsible building that doesn’t sacrifice on the performance you expect.
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